Email Copywriting

Sep 05, 2021

Do you want to give email marketing a shot? No doubt you have to embrace email copywriting. You can hire someone to do it for you through copywriting services on platforms like Fiverr, Copify, Rightly written, or Godot media. As you will learn here, you can still get it done on your own. So, to find out more about email copywriting, what it is, its importance, and tips you can apply to succeed, keep reading.

What is Email Copywriting?

Email copywriting is the actual words you put down in your email. It can be within the content of the email, the graphics you use, or the subject line. Besides, it is how you deliver your message and express your ideas in a way that can convert a prospective customer into a buyer.

Other than other forms of copywriting, this one is brief, highly persuasive, and contains no fluff. Moreover, to have excellent email copywriting, you should engage the reader. Is there a PDF they can download? Have you included a link in the email? Such helps you land the reader on the desired page where you have the offer. Remember, you have to persuade the reader into taking action.

Therefore, when email copywriting, there is a specific desire you want to achieve. This is converting a potential customer. Importantly, it would help to understand your audience well enough to use the right words for that ideal client.

Why Apply Email Copywriting in Marketing?

Are you wondering why you should consider email copywriting as a marketing option? Well, this is a very effective means of email marketing. It will help you get high conversions, which means getting more money. No dull email writing will get you to this point.

Moreover, email copywriting as a marketing option is very cost-effective for your business. It will help you get a higher return on investments compared to other marketing strategies.

Lastly, through email copywriting, you get the opportunity of presenting your valuable content to the potential customer. You have the chance to show the reader what you engage in, from the new products you are selling to the articles you are promoting. With all these, you have authority.

Therefore, there are valid reasons for you to consider email copywriting. This marketing option is beneficial and can help your business or company succeed.

Tips to Having a Great Email Copy

The thought of using email copywriting as your marketing strategy can be daunting. However, since you know your audience and understand your clients well, you can easily go through it. Having this knowledge is enough for your starter pack. However, embracing yourself with the following tips can help you have a captivating email copy;

1. Carefully Choose Your Words

What does choose your words carefully imply? You have to be keen on the kind of tone you use. A more conversational one will be the best. Also, be more on the casual side; you aren't writing an office email. Furthermore, your email carries your business image; therefore, maintain your level of professionalism.

Moreover, having your audience in mind is key to having a good email copy. You can try toning your English down to at least the level of an 8th grade. The easier it is to understand, the better.

2. Be Brief and Direct to the Point

When writing your email, be brief and straight to the point. There is no need to have a very long email, with lots of fluff explaining what you do or offer. As a guide, put it down in a way that when a reader gets into it, in the first six minutes, he should have captured what your email is about and is already hooked into clicking.

Therefore, be keen on the words you use since each of the counts. Importantly, they should be relevant to whatever goal you have, from getting a reply, persuading the reader to click a link, to downloading a PDF file.

3. Have Flawless Grammar and Spelling

Have you ever thought of the heights good grammar can take in your email? Well, if you hadn't considered it before, this is the time. Imagine what a reader can take of your perfect and marvelous grammar, well-constructed sentences, and accurate spellings of each word! It portrays a particular message, and the potential customer can relate the same with your product or service.

On the contrary, if you have misspelled words, incorrect sentence structures, and tons of grammar mistakes in your email, wouldn't the reader think of your service or goods to be this sloppy too?

Notably, it would help if you were moderate in your use of uppercase letters and exclamation marks. Too much of them can have a negative implication on your email.

4. Have a Single and Clear CTA

In email marketing, you want to have a Call to Action. This is a good tip for ensuring you succeed in this marketing strategy. However, when you have multiple of these, you can mess up things. This is common among writers since they think having several CTAs at once helps them advertise better. Unfortunately, this might end up distracting your reader, and eventually, you won’t meet your goal. The potential client might end up not going for any offer.

Therefore, for every marketing email you send, choose one CTA. This makes your goal and intentions clear and allows you to copy write your emails well.

You can include in your Call to Action segment in your email signature.

5. Include an Email Signature

Once you are done with the content of your email, what do you do to wrap it up? Undoubtedly, you want the message of what service you are offering or the product you are selling to sink into your reader's mind. To accomplish this, you can have an email signature to conclude.

Remember to be professional even when writing your email signature. However, what are some of the basics it should contain? Your name and contact information are essential. A picture and the company you work for makes your email signature more professional.

Therefore, email copywriting is possible, and when done the right way, it helps you meet your goal.


Email copywriting can help you market your business or company through conversions of potential customers. This will, in turn, mean more money for you. However, it might seem to be a challenging marketing option. The good news is that the proper knowledge of your target audience and great tips can help you achieve your goal.