Email Signature Branding Guide

Aug 09, 2021

Strong brands do not get challenged by trends and audience changes. However, to make a strong brand requires objectivity and a clear long-term vision. Branding is very complex and requires the combination of different elements that make a unique identity. All these elements represent the face, personality, and values your company believes in.

Most people will assume branding is just a logo and colors or a captivating tagline. It goes beyond the graphic element and involves a never-ending activity.

Therefore, it is important to ensure your companies brand is represented in every possible medium, including your corporate and personal email.

We could talk about corporate branding, but things could get a little out of hand without company strategies. Therefore, if you are interested in learning a few tips on promoting your brand using an email signature, keep reading.

What Is Email Signature Branding?

Emails are one of the most used communication methods in the corporate world and also in personal business. An email signature is a vital element of your brand identity and creates great impressions than all other tangible tools.

You might wonder what email signature branding is? Email branding is changing the structure of your communication email signature in order to create a brand impression. This assures consistency, professionalism and, most of all creates a great impression for your target audience.

Every email you send should contain images, a call to action, trackable marketing campaigns, and other graphic elements to create a lasting impression.

Why Is Email Signature Branding Important?

There are several reasons why email signature branding is important. These reasons include:

  • Email signature branding promotes recognition by ensuring that your company is easy to recognize and fits great representation elements.
  • It is a great way to stand out as a company/business in a highly competitive digital world. With millions of similar companies, it is essential to ensure your business stands out from all its competitors.
  • An email signature informs your target audience of your values and mission. Currently, companies are using visual elements to inform buyers of what they do, say, and believe in.
  • When consistently uses email signature branding, it is likely to generate referrals because your messages are portrayed authentically with a very high visibility touchpoint.
  • An email signature creates customers' expectations. Once your customer sees your email, it is easy to recognize who you are, which creates a sense of trust. In every company, certainty is key because most buyers will purchase if they trust the brand.
  • A well-branded email represents a company and all the promises they make to their target audience. In all elements, branding represents all entities of your business as well as all marketing objectives.
  • Lastly, email signature branding helps your business connect with customers emotionally.

What Does Branding Have To Do With Email?

An email is the first mode of communication that most companies use to communicate with targeted customers. The way someone or a company representative introduces themselves will determine your next step.

For instance, when inviting someone for a meet-up, it is unlikely for them to attend if the email is shoddy.

According to Statista, 82% of all people check their emails at least once a day. Compared to other digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, email have the greatest average open rate.

Therefore, to effectively represent your brand identity, it is essential to include visual elements, a great tone of voice, and a good feel for all your emails. This way, it is hard for clients to mistake your intentions or confuse you with your competitors.

Email branding ensures that you earn trust from your target audience because they can personally relate to your company. It also shows that messages were not copy-pasted from marketing templates but were created with great love and emotion.

Because it is the easiest way to reach your target audience, it is essential to create a unified way to represent your company.

What Does Your Email Say About Your Brand?

On a normal day, each customer you targeting receives an average of hundred messages from other companies. Each company sends these messages with the goals of appearing as the best, most probably earning themselves a new buyer.

Therefore, for you to stand out and create a memorable impression, you have to use a different representation. A professional email signature branding makes you stand out and create a lasting impression among hundreds of digital competitors.

Once you have understood its importance, it is critical to evaluate your current email and see what it says about you. It is also critical to consider whether your email is standing out among other businesses.

Some questions you can use to evaluate your current email include:

  • What is the objective of your communication?
  • What aspects are you broadcasting?
  • Does your email signature match the rest of your branding elements?
  • Does your current email signature convey the same message or value as other branding elements?
  • Does your email compel the recipient to take further action? If so, what action?
  • How does your email signature look on your phone? iPad?
  • Can your email signature open on any device?
  • Is it easy to open, or do customers have to download a certain app to view the signature fully?
  • Is your email signature affect message load time?

To get a full email evaluation, it is critical to consider how you want your brand to be perceived and how much stress you go through to appear approachable. It is also essential to provide multiple ways to reach you and appear simple without doing too much.

Why Email Signature Branding Is A Top-Notch Marketing?

A great email signature is not perceived as a promotional element. It is like an automated feature that most people will consciously know it is at the end of an email. Additionally, once you brand your email, it is impossible to keep adding or removing the signature to some emails.

Therefore, email branding is a top-notch marketing aspect because it provides companies with a great way to include contact information, selling lines, and visual content without seemingly promoting them intentionally.

Email signature branding can be used to advertise offers, trials, and discounts without seemingly looking impulsive on one's life. Once a signature is consistent, it is rare for your target audience to feel like you are being too impulsive with your marketing strategies.

Do not get me wrong; an email signature is not only a name and a best regards tagline; it involves more information such as visual elements(images), contact information, and sometimes clickable links.

Email Signature As Your Personal Brand Leaflet

Similar to a business card, an email signature gives your recipient your personal information. It is a great way to introduce yourself and let your acquaintance know who you are, what you do, and sometimes what you believe in.

It is important for signature to create a perception of yourself or have a face allowing the interlocking to see you. Once they have known who you are, recipients decide what further action to take; therefore, it is important to include contact information such as a phone number.

Some of the most important elements of an email signature include:

Personal Information

It is common for most people to add a phone number to an email signature. However, after knowing your name and liking your services, your recipients might want to contact you directly.

Therefore, it is essential to include a company name, your position (who you are in the company), your email address, and a phone number.

By adding a different email address and a phone number, recipients feel trusted and start to develop an emotional connection with you.

Moreover, if you want to create a better perception and share more information about who you are as a company, including a website to your signature.

Social Icons

Due to major changes in the digital world, most people will first view your profiles on social media before contacting you. Customers want to see your stories and how many followers you have on your social media accounts.

To ensure that your signature is complete and does not leave your audience with unanswered questions, add up to four social media accounts. All added accounts should be active and not some dormant account which will waste the recipient’s precious time.

If you are adding social media profiles, ensure they are relevant to your brand or the company you work for. For example, fitness bloggers can add their YouTube channels or Instagram profiles. Contrastingly, if you are managing director, LinkedIn and Google my business would be more relevant.

Visual Elements

An email signature will not stand out unless it has visual elements such as a photo. When representing a personal brand, an image is the easiest way to let your recipient stick a face to the message.

Other visual elements that you can add to your signature include:

  • Personal Brand Logo
  • A website Link
  • A banner
    • When you use a banner instead of a website link, it is likely that people will notice it easily. Because a banner stands out from other visual elements, it is easily noticeable.
    • People will definitely want to click banners subconsciously if it contains a relevant call to action.
    • When banners look similar to your website, they create a familiarization uniqueness for your customers.
    • A banner might probably influence people's perception of you and your brand. People will definitely take you more seriously when you have a professional-looking banner.

Other special elements that you can add to your email signature include addons as offered on our site.

However, the kind of detail you add to your email might make clients ignore the functionality action. Therefore, it is important to consider making your email signature look perfect without seeming impulsive (as discussed below).

How To Make Your Email Signature Represent Your Brand Perfectly?

  • Create personalized brand guidelines and ensure you will follow them.
  • Add essential information to your email signature.
  • Depending on your preferences and your brand, adjust the colors of your email signature.
  • Add 3-4 active social media pages that might be interesting to your target audience.
  • Create a CTA banner based on the essential aspects of your brand.
  • Import and add your email signatures to all your accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create A Branded Email Signature?

To lessen your work, evaluate your needs and use MySigMail to guide you through the process. You can use the pro version to enjoy the full-service benefits.

What Is The Proper Email Signature Format?

A proper email signature contains personal information, an address, a company website, a banner, and a good image. A job title and the company you work for are important information to include in your email signature.

However, make sure the format is simple and easy to understand. A clustered format will make recipients ignore your email.

How Do I Make My Email Signature Look Professional?

A professional email signature is very simple and easily understandable. To ensure you create a professional signature, make it short, add a visual element and promote your brand's agenda. Additionally, use colors that represent your brand to create a unified uniqueness.


An email is the first communication you use to reach out to new clients. Therefore, it needs to create a good impression and push clients to engage you or have a good perception of your company.

An email signature can be used as a great way to promote and create a lasting memory. Some of the most important ways are to make an email signature represent you effectively is by using relevant personal information, visual icons, and website links.

Since you have learned the basics, evaluate your emails and see what needs to be improved. Once you know the needs, check out signature generator to enjoy the benefits of having an email signature.