6 Features That Real Estate Agents Need in Their Email Signatures

Aug 19, 2021

Every realtor needs an email signature that is a lead generation machine. Most realtors spend their time getting leads, building portfolios, and developing a sustainable online presence. According to research, 49% of realtors work over 40 hours a week, and a good portion of this time is dedicated to personal branding.

Realtors will likely win clients from their personal branding efforts. Therefore, as a realtor, you should ensure all sections of personal branding are working on, including your email signature.

It might seem like an email signature is a small part of personal branding, but it is one of the most important entities. As you create a proper online presence or an extensive portfolio, an email signature is one of the best ways to create an impression.

You might be stuck wondering what you should include in your email signature. Don't worry; this post compiles six things that realtors should include in their email signatures.

Notably, if most of your work time is spent corresponding to clients via email, you should use it as a marketing channel. In case you have been neglecting its potential, it might be causing your setbacks.

The main elements to include in your email signature include:

1. Professional Title

email signature for real estate

It is obvious to include your name in an email signature. However, accompanying your personal name with a professional title (company position) sets you apart. For instance, if your professional title reads "Peterson Con, Realtor," you are more likely to be contacted by the right clientele.

This should also show your niche, in the sense that are you interested in buyers or renters? Do you work in commercial or residential real estate? In most cases, if this is not included in your email signature, most clients will spend time asking a similar question.

Once you have defined the title, unwanted leads will easily be redirected, making work easier for you.

2. Phone Number & DRE/License Number

email signature for real estate

Every time you miss a call, you miss an opportunity to speak to a potential client. A phone number is an important part of your personal brand, therefore it should be added to your email signature and also made visible.

Agentology reported that realtors who engage within 5 minutes of receiving a lead are 21X more likely to increase their conversion rates.

Importantly, when you include a lead in your email signature, you will likely receive that lead faster and efficiently.

In some states, a DRE/license must be included in all your printed marketing and solicitation materials. It might not seem important in some states but including your license shows identity as well proves your credentials.

3. Social Media Icons

email signature for real estate

Most companies have active social media accounts but never use them to market listings. In the current world, social media is prominent in the world of marketing. Once leads receive an email from you, their first instincts are to check what you have posted on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

Real estate agents with active social media accounts are likely to be chosen by clients. Research has shown that 74% of people selling their homes find agents from social media accounts.

Therefore, if you have active social media accounts, it is essential to add your social icons. Using the right software, once you copy your social profile links and paste them into your email signature, they will automatically appear as icons. Additionally, it is essential to use client-oriented social media pages or pages that are made explicitly for realtors such as Zillow, Yelp, Trulia, etc. if you have a personal LinkedIn account that is active, include it to show your professional experience.

4. Your Profile Picture

email signature for real estate

You are the face of your brand, and your personality is equally important. When an image is added to the information, it enhances human recall. Clients are likely to remember your profile if they saw an image of your face.

An image gives your email signature personal touch. I know your goal is to strengthen your brand and build a positive image. However, you also want to be associated with a company you build a name for in the public eye.

If so, we would advise you to add a professional image to your email signature.

5. Logo and Brand Slogan

email signature for real estate

Every client wants to know what is unique about your company before they buy or engage you. An email signature gives you space to tell the client your unique qualities and values without seemingly appearing impulsive or promotional.

When your customers see your company name, they will always associate it with your brand. This way, they know what you do and, most importantly, what you stand for.

6. Latest Listing

email signature for real estate

In all selling/buying platforms, visuals are everything. Currently, the real estate marketing entity has changed tremendously. Realtors are taking advantage of technology by using drone videos to create the best property presentations. Additionally, buyers are banking on enticing visuals before getting their dream home.

A good visual for your latest listing allows you to include a call to action. However, if the call to action is attached to a terrible image, most people will just ignore it. 84% of buyers think images photos are highly essential when looking for a house.

Your latest listing can be included either a video or an image with a call-to-action link.

Remember, all the other elements of your email signature are meant to tell clients who you are and what you stand for. On the other hand, a call to action/listing calls the customer to your professional business.

Importantly your call to action should not be anything complicated. It could be as simple as “Just Listed.”

Don’t Be Left out!

An email signature is an essential element in every marketing and personal branding action. As a realtor, it might seem like a non-essential venture when there are social media pages and other important marketing sites.

However, you're mistaken; some of the reasons you should have an email signature as a company are discussed here.

Now that you know the essential elements of an email signature, you need the commitment to create the perfect signature. This only takes a few moments when you get professional help. MySigMail can help in just minutes.