Top Email Signature Ideas for College Students - And Why Professional Emails Matter

Oct 05, 2021

Are you a student in college? If you are, you will almost certainly be writing many emails — to university officials, lecturers, fellow students, potential employers, and so on. Those emails provide you with the opportunity to promote yourself professionally. To do so, you must improve your student email signature. In this post, we'll discuss some of the best email signatures for college students, as well as suggestions on how to create a sound email signature and improve your chances of being perceived as a professional. Moreover, we will also discuss why professional emails matter and how to write them.

Email Signatures Tips for College Students:

Below are some of the best tips you should use while designing an email signature.


Your name should be included in every email signature. If you're a student, make sure to use your full name in your email signature. Don't use any of your pals' nicknames or any other names for you.


List your top qualification so the employer is aware of it and can quickly see it without sifting through your CV.

Email Address

It should go without saying, but you really should add your email address. It makes it that much easier for the recipient to get in touch with you.

Phone Number

Email signatures should always include phone numbers. You should give the receiver as many options as possible for contacting you.


Insert your actual address where letters or correspondence can be addressed to you. This establishes credibility with your potential job.


The use of a picture is optional, although it is always beneficial. Including a photo of oneself is recommended because it helps to give a face to a name.

Social Network

Add connections to your professional social media pages, such as Facebook, Linkedin and any other accounts you may have.

What Makes a Good Email Signature for Students?

It's challenging to find a job as a college student, especially if you're majoring in a competitive field like engineering or law. When someone glances over your email signature while reading it, you may need it to stick out and scream, "Hey there, look at me." It's up to you how you design your email signature unique and memorable, but perhaps some of the suggestions below can assist.

Here are some examples of things you could include in your email signature for getting more chances to get employed and stand unique amongst other applicants.


Your most notable achievement during your time in college. Have you been awarded any scholarships? Have you ever established any records for the highest test scores?


A quote that reflects your educational values. Add any of the best quotes you remember. It gives an excellent psychological impression.

Work Experience

List only the top three places where you have performed work experience, with permission to use the company logos if possible.


If you have a blog that your prospective employer would be interested in reading? Perhaps a link to it should be included in your email signature. To link to your blog, include a web link icon in your email signature.

Why Are Professional Emails Important?

One of the best things on the Internet is still the email channel. Why? First, let's look at some email statistics. According to Statista, there are currently over 4 billion email users, with that figure expected to expand to around 4.48 billion in 2024. People choose email for corporate communication since it is easy to access from a mobile device. It's less complicated, and they feel more at ease with it during the day. As a result, email is here to stay and will not be phased out anytime soon. Email is still the most common mode of communication in the business sector, according to data.

Email Is a Fantastic Support Tool

Email, contrary to widespread assumption, is an excellent open platform. Many people expected it would fade as new communication channels increased, but this couldn't be further from the truth. As marketers push forward into the contemporary realm of data-driven client engagement, email is not faltering — it's just catching its second wind.

As a result, it can't be eliminated because it's not like the closed ecosystems expanding across our computers and smartphones. In a good way, it's like a bug crawling across the Internet. Its overall experience has been modified because of all the changes that have occurred around it.

3 Best Email Practices for Professionals

1. Subject Lines with Impact

Instead of using subject lines like hello or hi, attempt to develop a distinct subject. Those lines aren't informative, so they don't convey the importance of your information to the reader. So, if you want to receive a response, try to be as explicit as possible.

Also, try to include a date in the subject line of messages that involve meetings so that recipients can see when the meeting is taking place right away.

2. Clear Messages

Messages must be clear and straightforward for others to grasp them. As a result, make your phrases brief and to the point. In addition, the email's text should be clear and informative, containing all relevant information.

3. Be Courteous

So, stay away from slang, colloquialisms, abbreviations, and jargon. When communicating with somebody you don't know well, avoid using emoticons. You can create your emoticons, but make sure you've already spoken with those individuals.

Close the message with "Regards" or "Yours sincerely," depending on the situation. Also, because this communication lacks face-to-face conversation, be mindful that poor word choice is possible. Without visual and audible cues, punctuation and capitalization can be misconstrued.


It takes time and works to create a masterpiece signature template. You are not, however, on your own. You can use MySigMail free email signature generator to create your first professional student email signature quickly and easily. You will be successful if you use it in conjunction with the advice in this article.

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