Successful Digital Marketing Strategies to Use in 2021

Sep 13, 2021

The pandemic has brought new changes in the business world. There are new ways of doing things, and consumer behavior is affected too. Therefore, brands and marketers have to employ new strategies to help tackle the current situation. Besides, technology is here to ensure you market your business successfully, irrespective of the circumstances. Keep reading to find out some great ways of marketing.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

There has been an increase in the amount of time people spend online. They do this when doing research; on products, organizations, or even brands. Besides, they can now easily shop on platforms directly, thanks to Facebook launching shops on Instagram and Facebook.

Therefore, e-commerce is the new trend, and you should maximize it to your gain. This is a new change in consumer behavior, and you can take advantage of it to market yourself or your products and services. Use it to present your products to the consumers.

With such digital marketing, you can reach new potential customers or even engage them. Therefore, to succeed in using social media, you can ensure you have content; be consistent by posting regularly, and check out the reviews and responses of your clients.

2. Employ Video Content

If you hadn’t known, most customers appreciate it when brands have video content. Therefore, as a marketing strategy, look for suitable ones for your brand and employ them. Remember, it should show the brand's values, and the customers should remember it.

Therefore, before you decide on the type of video content you want to have, you should consider your specific niche and your industry. Once you understand this, ensure there is the right tone of voice in the video content. Your goal should be to impact the potential client and paint a nice image of your brand.

3. Build Consumer Trust

In 2021, you shouldn’t focus only on the products you offer your customers. Rather, ensure you also build their trust in your brand. Why? Many are selective in their spending, making sure they only shop with brands they trust.

So, does your business have consumer interest at heart? Do you promise the clients something and deliver it as promised? These are some of the simple steps that can help you create and build that consumer trust. Once you do this, they will keep coming to shop with your business.

Therefore, the fact that you share the same values with the customer isn’t enough; make your brand trustworthy, and they will keep coming back.

4. Live Streaming

Going live with your audience is another great digital marketing strategy. This popular trend has a high chance of helping you market your brand. It allows you to interact with your consumers. It also brings the aspect of connecting both parties and helping build a relationship between you and the customer.

Therefore, you can use this marketing trend, especially when working from home, which is increasingly getting embraced by many individuals. Besides, people spend a lot of time on social media, and streaming live is an opportunity to capture them and interact with them.

So, even when your customers can visit in person, why not engage them by going live?

5. Use Micro-Influencers

Influencers have a huge impact on consumers; thus, they play an important role in digital marketing. You can tap on them for the success of your brand during this pandemic. The good thing is, the trend is still here to stay, so the benefits are long-lasting.

Remember, the moment a consumer can relate to a certain influencer, maybe they are a fan, chances are they will buy the product this influencer uses. Therefore, have an influencer use your product online, whether on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. When a customer sees this, there is a likelihood of them buying.

You might wonder why consumers trust products promoted by influencers online. They mostly speak from a personal point of view, and their opinions and reviews about products are, in most cases, honest. When their followers get to hear this, they can then buy the same products.

6. Make Customer Retention Your Goal

In 2021, with many working from home and others quarantined, getting new customers hasn't been easy. This has made some brands go on their knees and on the verge of closing down their stores.

Therefore, even with the uncertainty in the economy, there is some good news. If it is difficult to get new customers, you can pay attention to those you already have; those you met before the pandemic was here, or the ones you get despite the circumstances.

Do what you have to retain your customers. Digital marketing can help here; personalize their push notifications, or give them some loyalty incentives. Keep them happy, have their trust, and you’ll see them coming back for more products. This is much easier than looking for new ones.

This is another strategy you can optimize to be successful in your marketing in 2021. This has been a mere prediction in the past, but with COVID-19 still here with us, it has become essential.

Many consumers with voice-enabled devices have used this provision while at home. Since they want to keep exploring and learning more and eventually relying on their devices, their willingness to use voice search is evident.

Therefore, as a brand, why not optimize this Google feature for your digital marketing? How? You want to be ahead of the game, so use the keywords when you know how consumers structure their questions verbally.

Remember, there are higher chances of an increase in voice search questions from customers. Therefore, when you optimize the feature soon enough by meeting the needs of your consumers who are using voice search, you will increase the Google ranking on your content.


The pandemic has brought in new challenges, and brands have to strategize in their marketing. This is vital to keep the clients coming even when they are working from home. Since many are now spending time online, digital marketing is an opportunity every marketer should take advantage of. As you have seen, there are several ways you can get this done.