Email Signatures with Logo: Do's and Don'ts For 2021

Oct 07, 2021

Organizations are using email signature marketing and clever email signatures as a new marketing channel nowadays. As more professionals use visual elements in their emails, this strategy has become highly popular. Emails are an excellent area to feature your logo. Consider how many times a client will see your logo in a longer email chain if you send many emails. A personalized email signature with logo boosts your credibility and puts your company at the forefront of people's minds.

You're attempting to sell a product or a service. You've put in the time, energy, and effort to improve your email response rates. Most of us have received a fantastic, professional email signature – its beautiful design shines out against the dull compared to text-only email content. It leaves us, the reader, with a positive impression of the sender. On the other hand, how many of us can create and send our corporate signatures for emails that include a logo? This article will guide our users about do's and don'ts while designing email signatures with logos.


  • If your logo includes both an icon and a company name, we recommend using the entire logo in email signatures for new emails and the icon in signatures for replies and internal emails.

  • If it doesn't have an icon and the name is incorporated into the logo, we recommend utilizing your company's logo on both the full email signature and replies and internal emails signatures.

  • Ensure the logo doesn't overshadow the other aspects of the email signature; it shouldn't be larger than 150x150 pixels. Adjust the picture to the appropriate size before adding it to your email signature to ensure that the size of the logo does not change.


  • More isn't better in this case. Moreover, a little branding can go a long way. Don't use a picture and your logo at the same time, for example.

  • Make sure the photo in your logo isn't too big. It may lead the recipient to be frustrated due to delayed loading. That is, assuming they see it at all, large file size may end up in their spam folder.

  • Instead of using a range of colors, keep the logo simple to make it look professional. Keep it simple with a logo that grabs the reader's attention. Furthermore, while color is desirable, no more than two should be used.


You're ready to create a whole new field for branding with a personalized email signature that includes a logo. Using a branded work email signature may still not result in an immediate increase in sales, but your brand awareness and reputation will improve with each new email you send. Since most email signatures include a call-to-action, this minor change can result in a significant increase in traffic.

Please do not hesitate to contact MySigMail if you have any further concerns about email signatures or if you are unsure what type of signature or logo to use. Professionals from MySigMail will gladly assist you. You may also use the MySigMail free email signature generator to quickly and easily build your professional email signature.