Email Signatures And Mobile Devices - 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Oct 13, 2021

Coming up with a flawless email signature is not always straightforward. It's also not enough, as once you design just the ideal one for yourself or your organization, you'll still have to customize it to mobile devices. Mobile smartphones have become the most common device to check emails on. According to a recent survey, an average of 56 percent of emails are now read on a phone or tablet. With an increasing number of individuals receiving and sending an email on smartphones, assuring your firm such a corporate mobile email signature should be a key concern. Now that that's out of the way, here are a few recommendations from MySigMail that you can utilize to establish a professional mobile email signature to keep increasing conversions.

1. Layout

First, you'll have to check the width of the mobile device so that all info on your email signature is viewable. The best part to do would be to break your contact info into numerous lines. That way, every line of text appears on your recipient's screen. It makes it less complicated for them to navigate to the side merely to read your complete mobile signature.

2. Image

Secondly, you'll have to ensure that every image you include in your signature is suitably sized for a smartphone. There's a strong chance that an image initially 500×500 pixels received from Microsoft Outlook may maintain the same size if viewed on a phone email service like Gmail, Yahoo, or Apple Mail.

3. Loading Times

Emails are sent and received on a range of devices, linked to various networks, and with a variety of performance concerns. When visitors use Chrome or another browser to access a website, they want it to open within seconds. If they do not, they will bounce and visit a competitor's website. If people have that much patience with a site, how long do you believe they will wait for your brand's email to open?

A significant portion of improving your email signature for mobile compatibility is removing picture crap and we're not just referring to size here. This primarily pertains to the removal of extra meta-information regarding photos that may be slowing things down.

4. The Optimal Size for An Email Signature

As a general guideline, your mobile signature must never exceed 50 kB in size. If it does, there's a strong chance the expertly designed sales presentation you sent in a new email will end up in the spam folder of your recipient.

5. Separate Lengthy Addresses onto Multiple Lines.

Consider dividing your address into two, three, or even four distinct lines if your address is particularly lengthy. This is simple to accomplish using our software. Simply enter your information in the address field and break it into separate lines.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to create a mobile-friendly email signature. Following the recommendations above will undoubtedly assist you in optimizing your email signature for mobile devices.