8 Creative Email Signature Examples to Boost Your Business in 2021

Sep 30, 2021

Many people are using emails today, and this means you can utilize this marketing strategy to boost your business. However, when you conduct an email marketing campaign, you want the recipient to notice you. To achieve this, be keen on how you sign off. This is because your signature will give the recipient an image about you. Therefore, since it has such a huge impact, how about you find out 10 email signature examples you can take advantage of in 2021?

1. Be Brief

When conducting an email marketing campaign, it is important to note that you should always be professional. This involves being brief, clear, and straight to the point. How? Well, you can ensure your text doesn’t exceed 3-4 lines.

So, what should it contain? Nothing much is needed. With your name, the company and contact details such as phone number, you are good to go. Once you write your name, you can decide whether to include your position too or not.

Therefore, you can follow this simple format whenever you are writing those email signatures.

2. Simple Design

When you include your email signature, you want the recipient to discover more information about you and the business. However, does this mean you use complex designs, or include too much detail? On the contrary, becoming a minimalist is key here since you have an impression to make.

So, how do you ensure the design is simple and clean? You can make good use of the serif fonts when creating that email signature. Also, it is important you settle on a single font in all the contact information you provide.

Moreover, keep into account that having numerous call to action for your potential customer might be confusing. Once again, being simple can save you. when you have one call to action, there are higher chances that you will get more conversions compared to having numerous call to actions on your email signature.

10 creative email signature examples to boost your business

3. Add a Touch of Color

Among the numerous things that bring beauty to life as a whole is color. Therefore, why not ensure you make good use of it in your email signature? With a design that incorporates color, you will sure catch the attention of your potential customer.

Plus, as you now know, getting noticed in emails isn’t easy, but with color, you can achieve this, and leave something for the reader to remember about you or the business.

However, as you incorporate color, ensure you don’t go overboard. Too much of it, with weird combinations can leave a negative impression. So, what can you do? Opt for complementary colors.

Plus, if you have certain colors for your brand or business, you can never go wrong with these. Importantly, the type of business you operate will determine the kind of colors to go for. If you’re in the creative industry, bright colors will do. However, if you offer professional services, muted pastels are the best.

10 creative email signature examples to boost your business

4. Add Visuals

After you have done much writing and talking about the business, you may want the readers to have a certain picture engraved in their minds. This is why visuals are here to help you achieve this.

When your email signature has some animated GIFs, there is some freshness and this is a simple way of breathing life into your email. If your business deals in pastries and other kind of baked goods, why not include a cake GIF? It might be the trick that moves your reader to visit your website and place an order.

Therefore, depending on what your business deals in, don’t be scared to give visuals a try.

5. Include a Photo

You want the recipient to know more about you and your business, and having a nice photo of you can give that extra warmth and breathe some life into the email signature. Plus, the impression may be long-lasting.

Therefore, if you have always wanted to add a little bit of a personal touch to your email marketing, go ahead and have a headshot. Moreover, keep that smile on, your recipient might appreciate it.

10 creative email signature examples to boost your business

6. Write it by Hand

Want to give your email signature a personal touch? In addition to your photo you can have a hand-written sign-off. What’s more, as much as you might have someone else write for you the email, signing it off by hand will give your recipients the illusion that you are the one who did so.

10 creative email signature examples to boost your business

7. Linking to Your Social Profiles.

If you want to grow your following in social media, you can utilize the email signature by linking it to the profiles. Remember, to give your recipient easy time, make the links direct and have eye-catching icons for this purpose.

8. Use Banner Campaigns.

With an email signature, you can have an extra tool for marketing, and one of the greatest ways of achieving this is through banner campaigns. You can also conduct A/B testing to find out which banner works best.

10 creative email signature examples to boost your business


Email marketing is steadily growing. However, since many use emails, you have to work extra hard to ensure your email gets to the potential customer. One feature that can help leave a lasting impression is how you sign it off. This is why the above email signature examples can help you know where to improve on, what to add, and what to avoid when writing your email signatures.